What is "Reserve A Nerd"

Demand for IT professionals has reached an all-time high. The IT industry ranks among the Top 10 fastest growing sectors of our economy. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough good IT specialists to go around. So here at ITSA, we created a new solution to enable you to secure the top technical talent for your business.

 Drumroll please… “Reserve A Nerd!”

 Here’s how this works:

We provide the nerds. Your business stays online. We celebrate with nerdy high-fives. You sleep well at night.

Option 1: Reserve a Nerd (NERD Off-Site)


At the beginning of the information age, most companies hired an employee to run their IT department. For many businesses today, this strategy is too expensive and in serious need of a brain check. Our 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) is the industry’s gold standard for customer service.

 We are able to monitor every networked computer and device in your company—all from a remote location in North America. We provide iron-clad security for your network. We fix problems before you even know they exist—all in stealth, like a nerdy ninja.


OPTION 2: Reserve a Nerd (NERD On-Site)

ITSA will dedicate one highly talented IT professional to your business for 8 hours every week. Each is an expert at maintaining the health and security of your network environment. Managing backups, updating software, removing viruses, and troubleshooting network issues are all completed within this 8-hour time frame.

 In addition, our nerds are able to help with websites, assist with marketing campaigns, and consult with you on the best business solutions to achieve your goals. What’s even better, is that you get all the credit for being such a huge success. We have little need for praise, and never got much in high school. Our reward is making you shine. But you’ll need a nerd for that.


                OPTION 3: Reserve a Nerd (NERD EVERYWHERE)

If you push button #3, we’ll give you the best of what we have to offer—nerdy style. You get everything in options 1 & 2, and so much more. Have you ever wanted to hire someone who actually understands online marketing, SEO, and how to get Google’s attention? What if you could maximize your brand and increase your profits?

 What most people don’t realize is that they are only one step away from being unstuck. Unleash the nerds, and you’ll discover the business solutions that you’ve been dreaming about. We go overboard to help the kind of leaders who know how desperately they need a nerd. Nerds are kinda nerdy in their need to be needed. Show some love. Reserve yours today!