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Who says Information Technology companies should only focus on hardware and software? We certainly don’t! With the rise of process automation and business intelligence, there needs to be company continuity in the solutions you implement. ITSA provides both services (IT & Business Process) through a single technician. They’re highly-trained and will blend into your company’s culture. Gone are the days you need two or three separate departments to accomplish your goals. Our business model is not only more efficient, but results-driven in today’s lean working environment.



Learn From The Best

Because they’re who you’re competing against in the marketplace.


In a very short period of time, the information age has revolutionized the way our world works. This change has created the need for a new type of technology — Information Technology or IT. As a high-tech industry, IT is one of the fastest growing and most rapidly evolving industries this world has ever seen.

IT affects everything and everyone on our planet. IT is how money travels from one bank to the next, how food gets to the supermarket, and how you can find out what the current temperature is in the town where you were born—most likely in the next ten seconds. Ready. Set. Go!

IT is quick and powerful. IT is saving lives in the emergency room even as you read these words. IT is changing the world and making money for the people who understand its importance. As a business leader or manager, you need to ask yourself one simple question:

Is IT working for me, or is IT killing me?

If you want to solve your problems and grow your business, execute upon your ideas and turn them into reality, then let the IT ninjas of ITSA open your eyes to what you’re currently missing. IT is not about home computing and the router on top of your refrigerator. IT supports every process from identifying your market to making a sale. IT is about customer support, satisfaction, and retention.

IT runs Apple & Google. ITSA can help you run your business.



From the Stone Age to the Information Age


Marketing actually began in the Stone Age. Long ago, a few cavemen figured out how to turn rocks into wheels. Others turned stones into sharp instruments that could shape and carve wood. Then some enterprising caveman had the brilliant idea to take those pointy tools and poke his enemies with them. As you can only imagine, others became interested in the strategic edge (pun intended) offered by these new stone-age technologies. And that’s how the first products were born in the marketplace.

So how do you plan to get someone interested in your product or service? You might have the best product or the most super-awesome service, but who really cares? “Convince me to give you my money,” is what the consumer demands. Ironically, in the history of commerce, some of the most absurd products have crushed the market and have become runaway success stories. We’re thinking about tulips, pet rocks, mood rings and lava lamps. Did anyone really need those things? No. Did they spend their hard-earned money to buy them? Yes!

Today’s innovate marketing strategies are about creative communication, consumer psychology, brand creation, and the new IT tools available to you right now. Once you create your business and product, how well you execute marketing will determine the lifespan of your company. Think about that for a few seconds. You have already spent a lot of money on lawyers, accountants, HR, and hiring the best employees. But marketing will either make or break your dream.

Welcome to the new age on the horizon. ITSA offers more than IT to your company. We integrate marketing with IT. We make the wheels turn and the tools work. But most importantly, we provide the sharp instruments that will certainly poke your competition.




Every Process Produces an Outcome. What’s Yours?


Everything you see and experience in life is the result of some kind of process. The sun rises and sets, the moon waxes and wanes, and the seas ebb and flow—all because the natural world operates according to the laws of nature and physics.

In a similar fashion, your business operates according to a set of processes that were designed and set into motion a long time ago, perhaps during the initial startup phase. For many entrepreneurs, these processes were designed by opportunity and good fortune, but often begin to fail at some point during the life-cycle of the company. Growing pains, market shifts, and unpredictable circumstances can throw a monkey wrench into the cogs of any business process. The presence of chaos in a business environment is usually the result of not understanding the processes by which healthy companies operate and evolve.

ITSA is able to evaluate your critical business strategies and make recommendations to improve your core functions and overall efficiency. Eliminating redundant and inefficient processes is critical to reducing waste and improving your profit margins. On many occasions, management will benefit from the perspective of an outside consultant who can interrogate your current reality and ask the hard questions.

We are able to integrate all your business systems into a seamless strategy that will produce positive results. Networks, computer systems, software, point of sale, communications, and marketing strategies all need to work in harmony with one another. Why hire several companies to integrate these business solutions when ITSA can provide everything you need to grow your company?

Trust ITSA to enhance your business process. We exist to elevate your company to the next level of success.



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